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You have many alternatives for pet care when you can't be there, including family and friends, boarding kennels, vets' offices, or a professional pet sitter.  We believe that a good professional pet sitter, bonded and insured and with local references, offers several unique advantages, including:
-  Your pets get to stay in their own comfortable home environment, no stress on them
-  Your pets won't be caged all day and all night, and won't be locked in with unfamiliar animals
-  Someone is looking after not only your pets, but also your home
-  No hassle with pick-up and drop off. 
-  You leave on your trip with complete peace of mind, and return with your furry friends at the door to meet you when you return
-  With a professional the care of your pets is a job and a responsibility, not a favor.  Our continued business depends on being there and doing the job to your specifications.  We can't and won't neglect your pets if something more fun comes along.
-  Professional sitters are fully bonded and insured for your protection.  Ask about this anytime you interview a prospective pet sitter.  The insurance and bond should cover theft, liability for any damage your pet does to someone's property, damage to your property, or injury to your pets.
-  A sitter will also, as part of the job, bring in the mail and paper, change lights around to make the house look "lived in", and water plants as needed for extended trips.